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Medicinal Cannab. And Integrative Health Clinic Australia

GreenDocs Australia (GDA) is a 100% telehealth based Australian medicinal cannab. and integrative health clinic where you can get referred or self-refer for medicinal cannab. prescriptions and integrative advice on endocannabinoid system strenghtening. 

Our doctors are fully TGA-approved to prescribe all forms of medicinal cannab. This includes oils, capsules, sprays and buds for inhalation.

Being a telehealth based clinic, we can serve patients from across Australia, including regional and rural areas.

In order for a patient to be able to obtain medicinal cannab., you need approval from TGA. Our doctors can apply for this approval which, in our case, usually takes one or two business days to arrive. 

Once the approval is available, then your doctor can go ahead and prescribe the particular medication for you.


Initial Consultation

Your initial consult will entail a thorough medical history, discussion of suitable medicinal cannab. and application(s) for approvals.

Fee: $100

Duration: 30 mins


Subsequent Consultation

Susequent consultations will involve dosing and titration of medication and follow up consultations.

Fee: $50

Duration: 15 mins

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