Medicinal Cannabis Australia

Medicinal Cannabis Clinic Australia

Only $150 initial consultation fee (Previously $100 initial consult and $50 for separate scripting consult, now combined in one consultation that includes scripting and all TGA applications so as to avoid delays in the medication getting to patients).

Only $75 initial consultation fee for cancer patients or palliative care patients (GP health summary required, and healthcare card required). If there's significant financial hardship, your doctor may be able to do the consultations for free. Please email us for enquiries.


$50 follow up consultation fee.

$0 for any additional TGA applications. 

Full refund if unable to obtain TGA approvals.

Initial Consultation

Your initial consult will entail a thorough medical history, discussion of suitable medicinal cannabis and application(s) for approvals. The scripting is also included in this consultation.

Fee: $150

Duration: 30 mins

Subsequent Consultation

Susequent consultations will involve follow up consultations.

Fee: $50

Duration: 15 mins


Our Doctors

Dr Zac Rez did his medical training at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. His undergraduate science degree majors were in Biomedical and Neuroscience. 


Dr Zac is an experienced medical cannabinoid clinician. He has several years of experience in various medical, surgical and general practice training. He has a special interest in integrative health. Dr Zac advises on ways to enhance your endocannabinoid system. He is also our prescribing clinician.